Pilates with
Ann Baddeley.

A qualified Clinical Pilates Instructor.

I have worked in the health and fitness industry for the last 20 years.

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I provide Pilates instruction

I specialise in exclusive 'One to One' sessions and small group classes (maximum of 4-6 people) in Solihull. After an intial assesment I will take you through a full program of exercises to help build core strength, improve joint mobility and flexibilty.

Ann Baddeley Active Pilates can also tailor courses, sessions and times to suit your needs.

Pilates can help alleviate the following health problems:

  1. Osteoporosis
  2. Arthritis
  3. Asthma
  4. Recovery from injury or illness
  5. Back problems
Every session is focussed on precision, pace and control - not repetition or momentum. It addresses trunk stability, shoulder stability, maintenance of natural alignment of the spine along with correct muscle recruitment.

Pilates sessions are fun and effective regardless of whether you attend on a one to one basis or in small groups.

Call Ann Baddeley (07799 743 967) at Active Pilates to book an initial consultation and session, or just to have a chat.

Active Clinical Pilates classes held at:

Exclusive Private Studio in Tidbury Green, Solihull:
Tuesday 11am
Tuesday 6pm
Thursday 10am
Thursday 6pm
Friday 10am
Friday 12am
Friday 6pm

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Katharine Gnych pilates As a Ballroom and Latin dance teacher, posture and regular stretching of muscles is of paramount importance but we just don't do enough of it. I have been attending Pilates classes with Ann for about 18 months now, and have seen a significant difference in my own posture. I am so much more aware of my own muscles; which ones need more stretching, and what causes some to become too tight. Ann's teaching is superlative, and you really feel the difference when you have to miss a class. Pilates has really changed my thinking, and importantly has allowed me to create some time for myself in a busy schedule, thus allowing me to be so much more effective at what I do. Having applied some Pilates principles within my own dance teaching, I am now really excited to be working with Ann to develop Barre Pilates classes. I can't wait!

Katharine Gnych

I believe

"That each client deserves individual attention and I plan each individual exercise with the health & well being of my client in mind." Ann Baddeley

Prices as of March 1st 2017

One to one sessions:

  • £40 for 55 minutes

Small classes of 4-6 people:

  • One to One Session £40 for 55 mins.
  • Two to One Session £50 for 55 mins (2 people)
  • Book and pay for 5 sessions in advance: Receive 6th for FREE
  • £10 per person per session for a block of 4 weeks paid in advance


I have just completed a seated programme of Clinical Pilates with Ann Baddeley. It has exceeded my expectations. I presented to her with two arthritic knees, a history of vertigo and in 2006 I broke my back (flung off a camel in the Sahara desert). Ann has given me the ability and confidence to achieve much more movement than I thought possible. I used to find it difficult to get up off low seats and impossible to get out of the back seat of low 2-door cars, etc. Now my whole body feels stronger and more supported by my core muscles, which in turn has given me a renewed confidence in my ability to do things I was afraid of e.g. walking on slippery surfaces, snow, getting up from the ground/floor/bath etc. Ann is an exceptional very experienced instructor, she can intuitively see what needs strength and attention. All the Pilates movements are within the capacity of any age group - I am 72. Thank you, Ann Baddeley!

Diana Towers, Hypnotherapist and Counsellor, Studley, Warwickshire.

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After assessment

I will take you through a full program of exercises to help build core strength, improve joint mobility and flexibilty.

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Personal service

I can tailor courses, sessions and times to suit your specific needs. For more information, please do not hesitate to call me on
07799 743 967